Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is a formal, interactive process where supervisees and supervisors collaborate on clients and other work related concerns.  It is a safe environment to process client and clinician issues, discuss treatment plans, and other areas that can impact the counseling process.  Supervision is also a place for personal and professional growth.  


APC Supervision

To qualify for supervision, you must:

  • Be a graduate of a master's, specialist, or doctoral program with a concentration in counseling

  • Be pursuing licensure for the State of Georgia based on Ga. Composite Board rules and regulations (

  • Carry your own liability insurance

  • Be employed in a counseling position that qualifies under Ga Composite Board rules.

  • Contact us for an initial supervisory meeting, at which time we will determine if you and your supervisor are a good fit.


LPC Supervision

Supervision for LPC's, while not required by the Ga. Composite Board, is still a sound ethical practice for a clinician.  This is especially true for people in private practice or work settings where they can't get the collaborative interaction they need due to employment dynamics.