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Consulting Services

Peak Solutions provides consultation services to practitioners, to enhance their professional growth and to provide support and feedback for their clinical and business needs.


Consultation is a time where questions get answered, alternatives are explored, ethical concerns are addressed and feedback is given for your therapeutic interventions, supervisory relationships, and professional growth.


Consultation can also provide a roadmap for business development and growth.


These services are offered to associate and fully licensed mental health practitioners who need assistance with:


  • Ethical concerns with:  ​Clients, Supervisees, Supervisors, and the Workplace

  • Case consultation

  • Personal and professional growth and development

  • Enhancement and support of clinical services

  • Development of business strategies for:

    • Defining a practice niche

    • Business plans

    • Branding

    • Outreach

    • Networking

Prior to our meeting, I ask that you read and sign the Consultation Agreement.(click here)  This will help me better understand your needs and goals as we move forward.  Once you have signed the agreement, please send the signature page and your goals page back to me via email as an attachment.

Rates for services by phone or in person are as follows:

1 hour:  $ 150.00                                      30 minutes:  $ 100.00

We take Venmo for payment.

E-mail ( when you are ready to pay and I will send you my Venmo profile account # to complete your registration.

If needed, I will be happy to generate an invoice for your records.

I look forward to working with you on your goals and concerns.

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