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Client/Clinical Focus*

Anatomy of An Effective Case Note Using SOAP, DAP, BIRP, and Other Odd Named Formats

(6 CE Hours)

The primary purpose of effective case notes is to improve and enhance the treatment process by helping the counselor track the progress in treatment while staying focused on the treatment plan. Good progress notes also assist other program staff to participate intelligently in the client’s treatment process. 

  • Gain an understanding of the primary purpose of composing an effective case note.

  • Review the various case note formats and compare/contrast the differences and uses.

  • Learn how to tie case notes back to treatment plans to have a more effective measurement of counseling effectiveness.

Participants will do hands-on training with note writing, review appropriate clinical language to utilize, and establish the use of writing measurable goals for treatment plans.

Suicide:  Counselor Anxiety and Working With Clients

(5 CE Hours)

Suicide is just a word, but many practitioners are fearful of discussing the severity of the issue with clients.  As a result, clients often feel that no one is hearing their cry for help. This workshop will look at suicide to gain an understanding of:  

  • How to assess for suicide

  • What instruments are commonly used

  • Steps to take to keep clients safe

  • Documentation in case notes

HIPAA: The Ethics of Compliance and

Understanding the Regulations

(3 CE Hours)

HIPAA was created in 1996 to protect consumers personal health information (PHI).  With the transmission and storage of PHI on computers and networks, the chance for accidental release of information is greater than what was perceived in 1996.  This workshop will look at what HIPAA protects, how to stay within compliance of regulations, the Minimum Necessary Rule and other specific rules that protect consumers.

  • What is HIPAA?

  • The Importance of Protecting Patient Health Information

  • General HIPAA and Privacy Rule Overview

  • Permitted Uses and Disclosures

  • Safeguarding Patient Health Information

  • HIPAA audits and fines

Mindfulness CBT for Depression, Stress, and Anxiety

(6 CE Hours)

Mindfulness has been utilized in therapy for more than 25 years.  This workshop will look at the use of mindfulness when working with clients dealing with depression, stress, and anxiety.  This workshop will discuss:

  • What is mindfulness and what does it look like in the therapy

  • Guidelines for tailoring various mindfulness techniques with clients

  • How to deal with the emotions that often come up with this therapeutic process

* Peak Solutions, LLC is a NBCC Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP #7012.  All workshop content & presenter qualifications meet or exceed the requirements set by the GA Composite Board.

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