Telemental Health*

We provide workshops that meet the Telemental Health CE requirements per
Ga. Composite Board rules.

(Rule: 135-11-.01-b-1(i))

Telemental Health Counseling:

The Basics of Technology, Structure, Ethics and the Law

(6 CE Hours)

This workshop provides the basics of telemental health, answering the following questions and many more:

  • What is telemental health counseling?

  • How do you get started?

  • What methods are available to conduct telemental health?

  • How do I know which service is HIPAA compliant?

  • Telemental health has it's own ethical concerns and rules that must be followed.  This workshop will provide a detailed look at the ethics involved according to ACA, AMHCA, and NBCC.  We will also go over the new telemental health rules established by the Ga. Composite Board in October 2015 and what it means to be in compliance.

Supervision and Ethics in A Telemental Health Environment: Adapting To Today’s Electronic Society

(3 CE Hours)

Providing supervision for clinicians utilzing electronic methods is a new arena for most supervisors.  This workshop will explore the various concerns, methods, and structure for conducting supervision in this area.

  • Research on Telemental Health (TMH)

  • Understand the "TeleMental Health" law in Georgia and how it pertains to supervisors.

  • TMH Concerns and Ethics In Supervision

  • Supervisor and Supervisee Competencies In TMH

  • TMH Communication Tiers and Comparisons

  • Establishing the Contract / Informed Consent Agreement With Supervisees


This workshop will fulfill the new GA Composite Board requirements for supervisors who have supervisee's using electronic modes of therapy with clients.

Becoming A Master of Tele-Supervision

(6 CE Hours)

Coming in 3rd qtr of 2020

* Peak Solutions, LLC is a NBCC Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP #7012.  All workshop content & presenter qualifications meet or exceed the requirements set by the GA Composite Board.