Identifying Ethical Landmines in Clinical Practice

(5 CE Hours)

The Ga. Composite Board requires clinicans to complete 5 CE's in ethics every two years.  


This workshop will look at the Code of Ethics for each of the organizations listed above and what they expect clinicians to follow to be in compliance.  

Ethics and Rules for Supervision

(6 CE Hours)

Supervisors have specific rules and ethics for supervision they must follow to be in compliance with the Ga. Composite Board, ACA, AMHCA, and NBCC.

This workshop will explore the ethics and rules that guide supervision from a best practices approach maintaining ethical compliance.

Supervision and Ethics in A Telemental Health Environment:
Adapting To Today’s Electronic Society

(3 CE Hours)

Telemental Health Counseling has it 's own set of ethics and rules that must be followed per the Ga. Composite Board.  (Rule: 135-11-.01-b-1(i))


This workshop will fulfill 3 CE's of the required 6 CE's for anyone utilizing electronic delivery of counseling services.

* All workshops are approved by LPCA of GA, which indicates that the CE workshop content & presenter qualifications meet or exceed the requirements set by the GA Composite Board.